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Introducing: PropertyGuru Finance SmartRefi, A Smarter Way to Save

Introducing: PropertyGuru Finance SmartRefi, A Smarter Way to Save

Most of us would have come across PropertyGuru while searching for a home. Even with the recent market turmoil, it did not stop a particular HDB at Henderson Road from breaking new records, showing the resilience of the local property market.

PropertyGuru, has become such a household name for Singaporeans, that it has further expanded into South East Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. More recently, it was debuted on the New York Stock Exchange with a ticker of PGRU.

Quick facts:

  • PropertyGuru was founded in 2007 by Steve Melhuish and Jani Rautiainen after they experienced pain points of searching for a home in Singapore
  • Their aim was to disrupt the traditional classified property ads market by transitioning to the digital space
  • Over the years, they made strategic acquisitions to penetrate into various South East Asia countries. One such example includes wholly acquiring Batdongsan.com.vn in Vietnam
  • In 2020, they expanded their product offering by launching its mortgage marketplace called PropertyGuru Finance

Source: PropertyGuru and Businesswire.com.

PropertyGuru Finance has recently launched a tool called SmartRefi, which allows you to automatically check when you should refinance your mortgage based on your current priorities in your life. Mortgage considerations are multi-faceted and should not be solely dependent on your initial mortgage. There are smarter ways to refinance it along the way to take advantage of cheaper rates which in turn lower the cost of your mortgage.

Source: PropertyGuru Finance.

Using proprietary PropertyGuru AI, the SmartRefi tool lets you know almost instantaneously whether you should refinance now and also how much you stand to save if you refinance. You then have the option, at your sole discretion, to make use of PropertyGuru Finance’s specialists to obtain the best possible refinancing deal. In the event that PropertyGuru AI determines that it is not advisable for your to refinance your mortgage, the SmartRefi tool allows you to register for ongoing monitoring. We personally have not found other tools in the market that provides monitoring to consumers on an ongoing basis, so this is definitely a plus. The tool will then recheck on a daily basis and once the interest rates, remaining loan period and amounts are in your favor, it will automatically notify you that you are now in a position to save money by refinancing your mortgage. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed at how easy to use this tool.

With this free (and smart) tool, you can basically save money during the whole process. The process of using the tool is also incredibly fast. All you need to do is to fill in the basic details about your current mortgage and get the results. It takes a maximum of a few minutes. However, the potential savings are significant. Once more, as the tool is also completely free to use, this is truly of great value-add.

To check out PropertyGuru Finance SmartRefi tool, simply visit this link here. To start, simply click the “Lets Get Started” button. It will take you to the tool and allow you to set your priorities for your refinancing. Input the relevant loan details and you’ll obtain your results in a matter of seconds. That’s it! You have a decision made for you. Should you prefer visual instructions on how to use it, do kindly check out their video here.

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