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Tobia Seleccion de Autor 2016 review: Delicious yet complex, value-for-money Rioja

Tobia Seleccion de Autor 2016 review: Delicious yet complex, value-for-money Rioja

Something that I have been into lately for the past 1.5 years or so is getting into the world of wine tasting and drinking. It all started out with a close school mate of mine who brought me to a wine tasting event and ever since, I have been intrigued by the different variety of wines out there in the world. I don’t claim to be an expert in this field! Just sharing my honest opinions and thoughts on different wines.

Today I will be reviewing a bottle of Tobía Selección de Autor 2016, a delicious yet complex, value-for-money Rioja.

On the looks, one can see dark, intense but beautiful ruby hues. At different angles, it is burgundy colour (to a certain extent purplish! maybe my eyes was playing tricks on me). It is fully opaque when viewed against a white sheet of paper. Legs were “strong” and visible, telling me that this wine has strong character.

Smell wise, I could smell spices, blackcurrents, leather, meringue, cherries, strawberries, wood, and tobacco.

Taste wise, very complex with notes of cherries, blackberries, strawberries, tart, leather, wood, licorice and mint.

Overall, it is a delicious and value-for-money wine with enough complexity and mystery when you drink it.

Bought it from Estate Wines Cellar in Punggol Oasis, which is opened by a couple by the name of Richard and Veron. Do support them if you are staying in the Punggol area as they are a distributor and bring in lots of delicious and affordable wine! They also have great knowledge of wines and can start a conversation or two with you.

P.S photo taken during this Covid-19 stay home period.

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